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Different types of Dart Shafts

Since I am fairly new to the game of darts, I am trying to learn all that I can so that I can greatly improve my game. To get better, I am thinking that I will be best off to purchase my own set of darts and a dartboard to practice at home. 

I have noticed that there are different weights that you can choose from along with the styles of darts. Are there also different types of dart shafts? I am thinking that the more I research, the better off I will be. It may also suit me well to try out a variety of darts.

I found an excellent range of different dart shafts on the following page and while there you should definitely look at the dart flights at this page.


Where Is The Best Place To Hang My Dartboard?

About a month ago I received a dart board as a birthday present.  It was really exciting because I love the game, but I just didn't have anywhere to hang the board.  My mum said I couldn't hang it in my bedroom (or anywhere else in the house), so where should I put it?

I thought I could find an answer on the internet at sites such as this one- Google is supposed to know everything!  Alas, I have no suitable answer as yet.  So here's my burning question and ultimate dilemma (at least for the moment), where do I place my darling dartboard?

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